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Boys On Bullying.
(2001) Blake Works Inc. Gloucester Ma. 978-282-1663
Five boys tell how bullying affected their lives and how supportive relationships with friends, family and community helped. Includes guide for leading discussions with young people. 20 minutes.

Broken Toy. (1992).
Summerhill Productions, 1/2 McIntire Ave. Zanesville, OH
This video depicts a number of scenarios in the life of a boy who is ridiculed and physically assaulted at school. The goal of this video is to build awareness and compassion in bullies by showing them how much emotional damage their behavior can cause.

A film by the South Carolina Educational Television Studio. There is a teacher’s guide
to accompany the video. (Institute for Families). Adapted from the origional bullying
film produced by Olweus and Limber.

Bullying, Fear, Depression. (2004).
Educational Video Network Inc. Mt. Kisko N.Y. 1-800-431- 1242
With education, empowerment, commitment and unity, socially maladjusted individuals can be convinced to stop their abuse.

Bullying: You Don't Have To Take It Anymore.
Human Relations Video, Mount Kisco, NY 10549
Using dramatic scenarios, the differences between the way girls and boys bully are demonstrated. By seeing and hearing from experts in the field, this video/print resource will help students better understand what bullying is, how it affects victims and what can be done to improve the situation.

Bullying: What Every Adult Needs to Know: (2002).
Paraclete Press, Orleans Ma 1-800-451-5006
Educated adults about what bullying is and what they can do to help the young people in their lives when bullying is a problem.

Defending Yourself: Bullying, Teasing and Put-Downs.
22 minutes Go Media, Phoenix Az.
Positive suggestions on how to resolve bullying behaviour in a safe yet effective way.

Empty Shadows (Bullying Prevention Series) (2004).
Chapel Hill, NC 919-967-2110
Series of 17 films that offers a compassionate concern for harassed victims and committment to make people aware of the seriousness of the bully problem.

Lets Get Real.
Women's Educational Media 2180 Bryant St. Suite 203 SanFrancisco Ca 1-800-405-3322
Let's Get Real examines a variety of issues that lead to taunting and bullying, including racial differences, perceived sexual orientation, learning disabilities, religious differences, sexual harassment and others.

How I Learned Not To Be Bullied. (1997). Sunburst. 101 Casteleno St. Pleasantville, NY 105710. 1-800-431-1934.
Strategies for elementary -aged children to use when bullied.

How was your day? Shows one day in the school life of two students ( a boy and a girl) who are victims of bullying. Film was used in antibullying program in Flemish schools (see Stevens et al. 2004).

In Harms Way, (1996).
Agency for Instructional Technology, Box A, Bloomington, IN 47402-0120 1-800-457-1900
A video to help students deal with bullies or name calling. Program also includes a teacher's guide, song book, and audio cassette with 17 songs.

In Other Words, (2001).
National Film Board Of Canada 1-800-267-7710
Speaks directly to teens and offers a valuable tool to teachers, counselors and community youth workers.

It’s a Girls’ World (2004).
Lynn Glazier, National Film Board of Canada.
It's a Girl's World takes us inside the tumultuous relationships of a clique of popular 10-year-old girls. Playground bullying captured on camera shows a disturbing picture of how these girls use their closest friendships to hurt each other--with shunning, whispering and mean looks--to win social power in the group. Meanwhile, their parents struggle through denial and disbelief as they become aware of the serious consequences of this behavior. By comparison, the tragic story of a 14-year-old girl is a stark reminder that social bullying can spiral out of control. Believing she had no other choice, this girl killed herself after enduring months of rumors and verbal threats. This documentary shatters the myth that social bullying among girls is an acceptable part of growing up. It has guidelines for classroom lessons for students in elementary and middle school.

Managing Acting-Out Behavior: A Staff Development Program. (1992).
Distributed by Sopris West, 4093 Specialty Place, Longmont, CO 80504.
A two-video set that teaches teachers, school administrators, and service providers how to cope successfully with explosive behavior, physical aggression, verbal abuse, severe tantrums, open defiance, and insubordination.

Set Straight on Bullies. (1988).
National School Safety Center, 4165 Thousand Oaks Boulevard Suite 290. Westlake Village, CA 91362.
An 18-minute video that presents the story of a young boy victimized by a bully. The video is designed to educate school staff and students that bullying is a problem that adversely effects everyone within a school environment if it is tolerated.

Sticks and Stones. (2001)
National Film Board Of Canada 1-800267-7710
Young children ages 5-12 describe how they feel when they hear put-downs of themselves or their families.

Stop Bullying! Stand Up For Yourself and Others.(2003)
Hans Spatzeck Olsen Paraclete Press Orleans Ma 1-800-451-5006
Promotes tolerance and respect and offers kids steps they can take in order to positivley respond to peer harassment.
The Bully Factor. (2004). Patrick McKay, Kid's Best Defense PO Box 1626 Pasadena, Md 21123-1626
A resource to help children gain some techniques to enable them to respond to a bullying situation. The creator of this video is Patrick McKay, an eleven year old boy.

Using Your Wits: Strategies to Stop Bullying.
Human Relations Video, Mount Kisco, NY 10549
Proven effective in elementary school trials for reducing bullying, this research-based program consists of 6 dramatizations that show elementary school students ways to defuse common bullying situations.

“Recently, there have been several high-profile cases of Canadian children who have suffered from prolonged victimization, with severe consequences of suicide, revenge attacks, or death at the hands of peers.” (Pepler et al. 2004 p. 125).

Canada has seen its share of bullying barbarity. In 1997, 14 year-old Reena Virk was beaten and drowned by schoolmates in Victoria. In 2000, Dawn-Marie Wesley, 14 of Mission B.C., hanged herself after receiving death threats. Emmett Fralick also 14, shot himself after being tormented by bullies in Halifax. Consider the following results of teacher survey reported in Toronto.

38% of teachers had been bullied by their students

15 % had personal belongings or property vandalized by students

10% had been threatened or physically assaulted by students on more than one occasion

6% suffered verbal abuse

4% were subject to racial or sexual slurs.

Part-time teachers are more likely to be bullied than full-time teachers
Here are examples of how School Boards in Canada have responded.

Alberta Teachers Association

This website provides Alberta teachers with information, contacts and resources that can assist them in creating safe,
caring and inclusive learning environments for all students and staff.

British Columbia Ministry of Education

Prevention program called "Focus on Bullying: A prevention program for elementary school communities.

British Columbia Safe Schools Centre (not working)

Provided by an interdisciplinary team of researchers, practitioners, students and community partners committed to providing research and resources that support the creation of safe and socially responsible schools and communities. Their shared commitment is to promote evidence-based communities. They employed a resource entitled "The Bullying Prevention Handbook: A Guide for Principals, Teachers and Counselors" by John Hoover and Ronald Oliver.

This book presents effective teaching and counseling models to help prevent and reduce bullying. It features a step-by-step bullying intervention model that can be implemented within a school, an agency, or an entire community and includes specific strategies and intervention methods that teachers, administrators, and counselors can use when working with bullies and their scapegoats. Also included are assessment and evaluation tools and ways to involve families in resolving conflicts.

ISBN 1-879639-44-0 Price $23.95 (US)
Available from: National Education Service

1252 Loesch Road
P.O. Box 8, Dept. WI
Bloomington, Indiana 47402


British Columbia Teachers Federation

We all agree... Students are entitled to a safe and healthy learning environment
Schools must be free from harassment, intimidation, and violence And yet...

Teachers in B.C. work with school boards to develop anti-harassment policies. The British Columbia Teachers Federation also pursues anti-poverty and anti-violence initiatives and other social issues of concern to teachers. Today, we are more aware of students' being persecuted for their sexual orientation. Just as educators address sexism and racism, teachers in B.C. want to address homophobia in a pro-active, and positive manner.

Bully Stoppers
Story about Edmontons new bullying bylaw (2003).
Also offers a Bully Prevention Guide for Parents, Kids and Teachers, also a list of articles involving bullying incidences.

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario

Imagine a world that is free from fear. Dhawan, A., Duwyn, M., Meichenbaum, L., & Smith, S. (2004). Published by Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. Available from the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, 480 University Ave., Suite 1000, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 1V2.

(416-962-3836; Web-site

Cost $20 plus shipping.
This is a very valuable resource for teachers of Kindergartners to Grade 8. It addresses issues relating to bullying and ways to foster and honor diversity. It summarizes age appropriate books on such themes as pride and self-respect, conflict resolution, and nurturing relationships. There are well-developed suggested activities and lists of additional resources. This is an invaluable and highly recommended resource.

To order:

1) Go to

2) Go to shop etfo/publications/curriculum materials (left hand side)

3) Scroll down to find Free From Fear and click on the order now box

4) Scroll down to Free From Fear and click the # of copies wanted, then scroll to the bottom. Fill out the order form, then hit process order button.

5) When entering your credit card number keep in mind the postage
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Gay and Lesbian Educators of B.C.
"Challenging Homophobia In Schools" (Second edition). This resource includes many new and revised practical lesson plans from K-12 as well as a rationale on why schools need to teach about sexual orientation. Included is a comprehensive background section on homophobia and heterosexism includes information on negative myths perpetuated against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, coming out issues, counseling ideas, violence prevention strategies, dealing with anti-gay slurs and how to support students by starting gay-straight alliances in schools.

To order ($26.00)


Box 93678

Nelson Park PO

Vancouver, British Columbia

V6E 4L7

Internet e-mail:

Government Caucus of British Columbia

Facing our Fears - Accepting Responsibility
Report of the Safe Schools Task Force, the result of meetings with parents, students and educators across the province on how to make BC's schools safer for children.

Peel District School Board

Teacher resource called "Learn ways to achieve equity for students and staff. Manifesting Encouraging and Respectful Environments and The Future We Want: building an inclusive curriculum are companion documents for all educators -- teachers, administrators, support staff, parents and members of the community." These resources support those who believe in a world where everyone feels included, valued and empowered -- a world where equity is a reality.

Cost $40.00 for teachers.

Planned Parenthood of Toronto
Hear Me Out (Second Story Press, 2004) Teens Educating and Confronting Homophobia

To order: cost: $13.00

Triangle Program Toronto District School Board

The Triangle Program is committed to providing a classroom where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) youth can learn and earn credits in a safe, harassment-free, equity-based environment, and developing and teaching curriculum which includes and celebrates LGBT literature, history, persons and issues.

As one of three program/locations that make up Oasis Alternative S.S. teachers are committed to working with disenfranchised youth not able to (currently) work in a mainstream school setting. Our students have all experienced a broad range of homophobia in their former school settings. Schools and teachers were unable and/or unwilling to positively deal with the homophobia (which for some were daily events in their lives) and as a result these youths could no longer survive in those circumstances.

The Triangle Program is essentially a one-room schoolhouse for a very diverse group of students.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

American Federation of Teachers
American Psychological Association

Bully fact sheets

Evidence- based projects

Warning Signs of Teen Violence

Antibullying Network


Bully B'Ware Productions

Bullying No Way

Bully Online

Bully Police, USA

California Department of Education

Canadian Initiative for the Prevention of Bullying

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Bam! Body and Mind (Children 9-13)
Youth Violence: Prevention Strategy

Best Practices of Youth Violence Prevention : A Sourcebook for Community Action

Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice.

Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use

Ways to combat cyber bullying
Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

Blueprints for violence prevention.
Children's Functional Assessment Rating Scale

Committee for Children

Cyber Isle – Your Youth Health Site

Department for Education and Skills

Development Services Group
Model programs guide and database.

Drug Prevention and Youth Safety Resources
Protective schools: Linking drug abuse prevention with student success.

Effective Child Therapies: American Psychological Association- Division 53

Eyes on Bullying

Federal Bureau of Investigation
A parents guide to Internet safety.

Hamilton Fish Institute (George Washington University School of Education)

Health Resources and Services Administration: Bullying Resource Submission Site

Importance of School Connectedness and Engagement


Kids Connect

Kid Power Teen Power Full Power International

LaMarsh Center for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution
Debra Pepler, Wendy Craig & Jennifer Connoly

Massachusetts Medical Society Health Information Network Can We Talk About Bullying and Harassment?
Bullying--- It's not O.K.
(call 202-822-7570)

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

National Association for Pastoral Care in Education : Library of Materials on Bullying

National Association of School Psychologists

National Education Association (NEA)

National Mental Health and Education Center

National Parent Teacher Association

National Resource Center for Safe Schools

No Bullying

No Name Calling

North Central Educational Service District:Myths and realities on Bullying Prevention

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory Schoolwide Prevention of Bullying

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention: Preventing Truancy

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
Olweus, D. & Limber, S. (1999). Blueprints for violence prevention: Bullying Prevention Program. Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado, Boulder

Olweus, D. (2001). Olweus’ Core Program against bullying and antisocial

-Kallestad, J.H. & Olweus, D. (2003). Predicting teachers’ and schools implementation of the Olweus’ Bullying Prevention Program: A multi level study. Prevention and Treatment, 6, Article 21. Available from:

Olweus’ program implemented in the U.S. by Susan Limber.


Peace Builder Program

Protective Schools: Linking Drug Abuse Prevention With Student Services

School Based Violence Prevention in Canada

Safe and Responsive Schools Project

Safe Schools

Safe School Ambassadors Program

Safe Schools, Healthy Students Action Center

Stop Bullying

SAMSHA model programs: Effective substance abuse and mental health programs for every community.

Take a Stand. Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying Now (US Dept. of Health and Human Resources)

Taking Action Against Bullying

Teens 101

The Family Center

University of Calgary School-based Violence Prevention Programs

U.S. Department of Education

Preventing bullying: A manual for schools and communities

U.S. Department of Education: Exploring the Nature and Prevention of Bullying

U.S. Department of Education, & Safe, Disciplined, and Drug-Free Schools Expert Panel

Welcome to the Canadian Safe School Network

Wellesley Centers for Women

Where You Are Not Alone

Youth Crime Watch of America

Zero Tolerance Policies in Context

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